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Novel rewrite

I’ve begun work on rewriting a novel that had been published with errors and inconsistencies in regards to the universe it was set in. Once completed I will be working to get it published.


Work Update

What pieces I was able to gather have been added to my works. Currently I am collaborating with a few other freelancers to craft an old school PC RPG for the current gaming age. It takes cues from Might & Magic as well as Wizardy. Screens and more will be added as they are polished and ready.

Internship Game update.

Still attempting to put the pieces together as something manageable. It really exists as bits and pieces as it was not designed for the purpose of the internship to end up as a finished project, but to teach the workings of the industry. Until then, if one so wants, please contact me to be sent a compiled file of what I do have concerning this internship, if you are so interested.

Internship Game

I will have a new power supply for my desktop soon. Once installed I will be working on updating with a document containing art and other aspects from my internship with UAT. Should be updated within the week! Otherwise I will get a housing for my HDD and post from it.

New Project

I have a new project in the works with a small team. Early designs and gameplay put it in the same vein as Might and Magic. Stay tuned for more information.

A Fresh Start

Welcome to the portfolio and personal site of Nicholas A Sinlak. Please take a look at my writings here and documents and work posted. Feel free to contact me with any questions and enjoy!